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22. April 2016

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." -Mother Teresa
When we think about the many issues plaguing our beautiful planet, it can feel insurmountable.  The majority of the news we hear about the environment paints a bleak picture of the health of the Earth. So, there are two paths you can choose to take: ignore it and proceed with life as usual, or acknowledge it and determine how to make a positive impact.
There is an inspiring movement of people who are choosing the latter route and taking action.  One of those people is Carolynn Box, Environmental Program Director and key member of the 5 Gyres team of scientists, artists, educators, adventurers and lovers of this big blue marble.  Carolynn helps run the environmental and education programs and has participated in three research voyages to the South Atlantic, North Pacific and Western Pacific “Garbage Patches.”  After her first voyage, she decided to change the course of her life and apply her science and organizing background towards fighting plastic pollution.

We are lucky to connect with Carolynn often as our neighbor in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco.  She is a frequent supporter of community events, always happy to share alternatives for our plastic-dependent lifestyles and offer solutions for plastic pollution. On rainy days she goes to work collecting and measuring the plastic pollution in our local waterways.  She believes we can all make an impact by sharing knowledge and choosing socially-conscious products.  


Carolynn and the 5 Gyres team lead the effort to research aquatic plastic pollution and to find solutions for regaining a plastic-free ocean. Their mission is to empower people to become leaders in combating the global health crisis of plastic pollution.  5 Gyres is part of the tenacious coalition of non-profits that fought hard for the recent U.S. ban on microbeads that will take place in 2018. Microbeads are only one form of plastic in our waters, but easily preventable.


How can you make an impact & get involved today? 

  • TAKE A STAND AND STOP USING TOXIC MICROBEADS! Take The 5 Gyres Pledge to only buy facial scrubs that are microbead-free #BeadFree
  • Join a 5 Gyres Voyage to collect cutting-edge plastic research that empowers legislation, design change and education 
  • Be a conscience consumer by researching the products you buy & purchase with purpose
  • Share the message & be part of the conversation

Like 5 Gyres, our non-profit partner, OKIINO is passionate about being active and purpose-driven. We make life-enhancing, multi-functional products that positively impact people, the environment, and communities. Social impact is an important part of OKIINO's mission. We proudly support the local economy, and our products are made in San Francisco, California, with responsibly sourced fabric from Italy. We give back to the planet and community by donating a portion of our sales to relevant and vetted non-profit organizations that reflect our brand, lifestyle, and products.  We invite you, the socially conscious consumer, to choose the cause you would like to support and donate a portion of your sales.  


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Live with purpose. Make an impact.

Happy Earth Day,

Robyn, Angeline & Rachel


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