The World of Greg PNUT Galinsky: Artist Collab, CULTURA X PNUT

18. January 2018

We got deep with Greg "PNUT" Galinsky, the artist behind CULTURA X PNUT, the newest OKIINO print.  He blends inspiration from cultures worldwide and his California lifestyle to create epic art of all scales.  

OKIINO: What inspired you to collaborate with OKIINO?
PNUT: What inspired me to want to collaborate with OKIINO was the branding. I like the fact that a company can cater to many people, being surf, yoga, studio, or lifestyle. And, of course, the artist series which has an organic feel.

OKIINO: How did you get started as an artist?
PNUT: I got started as an artist I guess when my parents kept getting phone calls from my 1st grade teacher telling my parents that all I wanted to do was paint and draw. When I finished Parsons School of Design, I had already started a small clothing brand with a good buddy of mine, at around 17 years old. I went on to design club flyers, record covers, flatware, snowboards, a ltd. bicycle in Japan. My first main inspiration for design was music! I fell in love with Reid Miles and Francis Wolf of Blue Note Records along with old record labels, such as Fantasy, Studio1 and Wackies to name a few.

OKIINO: You are one of the most positive and creative people we know! What is your mantra or process to stay creative, positive, and motivated as you sit down to create a new piece of art, or in life in general?
PNUT: That is incredibly kind of you to say!  I try to not think about what the market is doing or an artist's body of work. To stay creative, I need to get inspired!  I skate every other day; paint, exercise everyday; and any money I've made, I always re-invest it into something other than art. Something that will be more stable for me so when designing can get slow, I'm covered and I can keep feeding my soul!

OKIINO: What is the inspiration behind the unique scripts you paint?
PNUT: These scripts are inspired by worldly cultures from India to Thailand and pay tribute to my mother’s Burmese and father’s Jewish background. I consider the script my own interpretation or play on "Sanskrit " and I've always been fascinated with calligraphy.

OKIINO: What's your medium and process to create this art?
PNUT: I love to use Indian ink if I'm sketching characters or developing new ones. The process is usually sketching on butcher paper and then take it to a larger scale canvas using acrylic paint.

OKIINO: Who have been your strongest influences and mentors in art and in life?
PNUT: My strongest influences in life have been people and things such as Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames, Tony Alva, The VanDoren family (VANS), Shawn Stussy, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Vintage records, Thrift shops, Old signage, Skate parks and the Ocean!!! Oh yeah and "Citron" cars!

OKIINO: We know you collaborate with a lot of brands, including Vans, and you'll be at the Vans US Open at Huntington Beach in July 2018. How did this come about, and can you tell us more about some of the projects you've done with them?
PNUT:  I have been lucky enough to have been working with Vans over the past 12 years. I grew up in Santa Monica, skateboarding, surfing and of course painting and designing. Some wonderful mutual friends introduced me to Steve VanDoren during a snowboard event in Tahoe that I was invited to paint live for. After that, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to many more events, as well as work on a signature series line of 9 shoes. I was more grateful than one could imagine because skateboarding and surfing have been my culture since I was 6 years old.

OKIINO:What was your first large scale mural and how did this come about?

PNUT: My first large scale mural was probably in 1999, Sacramento. I had the opportunity to collaborate and paint with children from broken homes who never painted before. My first solo large scale mural started in 2000. I first started practicing on large scale canvas and then anything I could get my hands on.

OKIINO: Where can people see your murals and artwork in the Bay Area, LA, or other places?
PNUT: People can view my large scale murals in San Francisco (at Sanchez and Market), alleys in Venice CA, and the Vans 40th Anniversary mural on the beach in El Segundo. The beautiful thing about murals is that they are always rotating among artists. The best way to find my current murals is "Google" since murals can have such a high turnover depending on location.

San Francisco -- Castro District (Sanchez & Market)


Vans 40th Anniversary mural -- beachside in El Segundo, California

OKIINO: Any words of advice to aspiring an artist/muralist?
PNUT: Love what you do and not only for money. It's important to feed your soul with passion, money will come as long as your in alignment with yourself and strong dedication.
Don't think about it, do it... this is what make us grow as humans.
I'm not preaching...I'm practicing!

OKIINO: Anything else you would like our audience to know about you as an artist?
PNUT: I have 2 upcoming projects that I'm excited for: a restaurant project introducing a Jazz "quartet" etched glass series, paying homage to some of the great Jazz players from the 60’s. And the other is a textile for apparel.

Follow Greg PNUT Galinsky's journey: instagram.com/gregpnutgalinsky/ 




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