Each purchase has purpose: our products are locally made in California, and we give back to the planet and community.


Social impact is an important part of OKIINO's mission. We support the local economy, and our products are made in San Francisco, California, from responsibly sourced fabric from Italy. We recognize there are natural and human resources that go into producing each pair of leggings. Therefore, as a way of giving back to the planet and community, we donate a portion of our profits to relevant and vetted non-profit organizations that reflect our brand, lifestyle, and products. We strive to actively engage our customers and broader community in OKIINO, so we invite you to choose the cause you would like to support and donate a portion of your contribution: 


community development through surf & yoga




Surf For Life is dedicated to improving the impact of tourism through community-based health and education projects. We work with local communities and strong local partners to identify and design projects such as schools, health clinics, and community centers - creating sustainable projects by maximizing the level of community ownership and engagement. These projects are made a reality by the passion and hard work of our Surf For Life volunteers. learn more

ocean preservation 

5 Gyres has led the effort to research aquatic plastic pollution and to find solutions for regaining a plastic-free ocean. Their mission is to engage people in design and policy solutions to end the global health crisis of plastic pollution. learn more

skin cancer awareness

Since its founding in 1979, The Skin Cancer Foundation has set the standard for educating the public and the medical profession about skin cancer, its prevention by means of sun protection, the need for early detection, and prompt, effective treatment. It is the only international organization devoted solely to combating the world’s most common cancer, now occurring at epidemic levels. The Foundation has always recommended following a complete sun protection regimen that includes seeking shade and covering up with clothing. learn more



We are open to supporting additional non-profit organizations and artists. Reach out if you are interested in partnering with us: hello@okiino.com


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